League of Friends of the Royal Berkshire Hospital: Supporting the RBH through volunteers and donations

League of Friends of the Royal Berkshire Hospital

How We've Helped the

Royal Berkshire Hospital

Applications for Project Funding agreed 2016 - 2017

Item purchased Amount
Caversham Ward Newspapers & Magazines £1600.00
SSU Window Blinds £1,402.69
Physio East Frosting windows  £468.00
AMU & SSU 27 Patient Chairs  £5,581.00
ED, AMU & SSU 3 Beverage Trolleys  £5,562.00
Care Crew Activity Items  £966.00
RBH Publicity "Find your way maps"  £387.30
Kennet & Loddon Wards 15 bedside chairs £3,225.00
Maternity  Delivery Suite £22,308.00
Hopkins/Greenlands Replacement sofas in admission suite & waiting area £6,170.00
Physio 5 Tilt in space wheelchairs £5,760.00
Paeds A & E Balloons & Gas - 1 year  £4,000.00
Hurley Ward Dress for Dignity 2 tier clothes rails  £50.97
Victoria Ward Blind for Day Room  £245.00
Hopkins Ward/Greenlands Repainting & Blinds  £1,920.00
Facilities Manager RBH Christmas Trees  £3,500.00
Network Care 2 Relatives rooms Battle Block  £5,350.00
My Cancer My Choices Chairs, massage tables  £2,670.00
SSU & AMU Engagement packs  £300.00
Emerg Med & Ambu Care Refurb staff rest room  £3,075.00
Discharge Lounge 3 months Newspapers & Mags  £255.00
Woodley Ward 10 Falls Alarms  £2,775.47
Care Crew Activity items  £210.44
Emmer Green & Hurley
Ward Elderly Care
Christmas Tea Parties  £100.00


Some of the gifts and donations made by the League of Friends of the Royal Berkshire Hospital from May 2014 - April 2015

Item purchased Amount
Mortimer Ward Art & Craft materials £510.00
Physio Dept Outpatients Chairs and Tables £3,700.00
Chaplaincy room
Refurb Room 27
Patient Transport Buggy    £5,800.00
Patient seating within Emergency Dept Main waiting room  £3,300.00
Audiology Vestibular Vibrators x 2  £2,340.00
Castle Ward Refurb Quiet Room  £2,243.24
Caversham Ward & Inpatient Therapies Re-dec & Refurb of Caversham Ward Conservatory £15,022.00

Caversham Ward & Inpatient Therapies
Newspapers & Mags for 6 months @ £30 per week £800.00
Loddon Ward Refurb staff/patient/relative room £1,561.00
Christmas Trees    £3,022.00
One Care Crew Activity items for use with Dementia patients  £3,000.00
Maternity dept 2 Delivery rooms & En-suites  £36,000.00
ICU Bereavement Care 15/16  £21,321.60
Dept of Orthotics Refurb of waiting room used by plaster room & orth x-ray  £4,633.17
Dingley Specialist Childrens Centre Wooden Activity Kitchen  £39.96
Patient Information Laminated A3 "placemats"  £215.00
LOT, Team Lead Elderley Care 9 Tilt in space wheelchairs  £11,114.00
Trauma & Ortho Outpatients & Plaster Room Chairs & Tables  £10,701.48
Redlands Elective Ortho Unit Chairs  £2,581.44
Therapy Man Burghfield Ward Entrance  £7,000.00
Physio East Furniture & Window Frosting  £3,389.10
Paed A & E Balloons & Gas for 2015/16  £4,000.00
Mortuary Infant Memory Boxes  £77.53



Some of the gifts and donations made by the League of Friends of the Royal Berkshire Hospital from May 2013 - April 2014.

Item purchased Amount
Maternity Ultrasound  Upgrade 4 scanning rooms £16,970.87
Trauma & Ortho Outpatients Blinds £270.00
Patients Relations Dept Teacherboards £918.72
Kempton Ward Childrens toothbrushes/paste £889.50
Dept of Anaesthetics 300 copies of DVD for children £4,500.00
Hurley Ward Newspaper and magazines £900.00
Breast screening Clinic Furniture £3,470.00
Dingley Centre Sensory Toys £175.00
Bracknell Clinic OT services 4 folding Mr Men screens £417.00
PALS Refurb Meeting Room £3,000.00
Facilites & Estates Christmas Trees £3,022.00
Kennet Ward
Refurb day Room £6,570.00
Dept of Respiratory Medicine Furnishing £1,300.00
Critical Care ICU Storage solutions £9,502.00
Patient Experience Dept Books, Games, Puzzles
Jimmy's bag of Care Toiletries and gifts £1,000.00
Director of Nursing Tables and Chairs South Block £8,000.00
Mortuary Dept Pictures for outside viewing entrance £250.00
Paediatric A&E Balloons and Gas 2014/2015 £4,000.00



Some of the gifts and donations made by the League of Friends of the Royal Berkshire Hospital from May 2011 - April 2013.

Item purchased Amount
Intensive Care Unit Bereavment Sister ICU £20,762.00
Accident and Emergency Balloons for child patients £5,600.00
Occupational Therapy X box games  £397.00
Discharge Lounge Chairs and Tv  £3,000.00
Voluntary Services Courtesy packs  £1,500.00
Accident and Emergency Bereavment boxes  £150.00
Clinical Decisions Unit Day Room  £5,000.00
Clinical Decisions Unit Relatives Room £10,611.00
Estates Department Christmas trees (2 years) £3,600.00
Iffley Ward
Folding screens £450.00
Trauma and Orthopeadic Outpatients chairs £1,620.00
Occupational Therapy Pictures  £296.00
Dingley Childrens Centre Chairs  £678.00
Trauma and Orthopeadic Murals  £1,600.00
Marsh Ward Refurb of patients relax room  £10,000.00
Sonning Ward 3 reclining chairs  £2,790.00
Paediatrics Fold down beds  £7,117.00
Estates Department Pager system trial  £500.00
Audiology Digital Screens  £1,066.00
Stroke Unit Wheelchairs  £7,281.00
Audiology Stephoscope headsets  £2,136.00
Woodley Ward Mobile floor stands  £480.00



Some of the gifts and donations made by the League of Friends of the Royal Berkshire Hospital from May 2010 - April 2011

Item purchased Amount
ICU ICU Waiting area
A & E Balloons for Children £2,100.00
Burghfield Ward Footstools  £270.00
Radiology Dept Baby Changing Unit  £559.00
Audiology Otoacoustic equipment  £4,999.00
Infection Control 2 Glow box kits  £527.00
Voluntary Services New buggy  £6,830.00
IMID Furniture & Notice Boards £9,995.00
Speech & Language Therapy Simulation pack £150.00
Portable echo machine £40,000.00
Fertility Dept Portable Scanner £2,000.00
Urology Dept Donation Robbie the Robot  £20,000.00
A & E Equipment for Children's A&E  £8,622.00
A & E Course on minor injury  £2,900.00
Patient Safety Team Patient testing device  £25,000.00
Occupational Therapy 10 Laser canes  £1,700.00
Marsh Ward Refurb of Nursery  £575.00
Rheumatology Dept Portable Ultrasound  £29,427.00
Care of Elderly OT Wheelchairs, laptop trays  £3,318.00
Huntley & Palmers Ward Televisions  £5,000.00
ICU Over bed tables for HDU  £648.00
Woodley ward & Clinic 3 Recliner chairs  £2,793.00
PALS Furniture/screening  £2,700.00
Chaplaincy Signage  £549.00
Bereavement Councillor One year salary  £20,762.00



Some of the gifts and donations made by the League of Friends of the Royal Berkshire Hospital during 2009 - 2010

Item purchased Amount
Maternity DVD on Breast Feeding £2,985.00
South Wing fish pond Stock of fish £632.95
Estates Department
40 Wheelchairs  £29,837.39
Lion & Dolphin Ward Refurbish parents room  £306.74
Da Vinci Robot Donation  £50,000.00
Voluntary Services Courtesy pack for patients  £1,525.00
Public & Patients Affairs Patient experience kiosks  £5,376.25
Public & Patients Affairs Convert toilets to changing £17,000.00
Inpatient Therapy Chairs, Wheelchairs, Cushions £8,677.00
Inpatient Therapy
Caversham ward £639.98
Occupational Therapy Slipper scheme £222.53
Occupational Therapy Orientation Board  £281.69
Dingley Children's centre 4 Wheelchairs  £2,000.00
Iffley ward Sofa's for patients dining room  £1,652.87
Marsh ward Furniture for nursery unit  £575.14
End of Life Care sister for 2 years  £96,000.00
Rheumatology ward 4 x riser/recliner chairs  £5,256.00
Intensive Care Bereavement Sister  £10,381.14
A & E Children Helium Gas and Balloons  £1600.00




Reading Hospital Peace Garden Reading Hospital Peace Garden

The League of Friends Multi Faith Peace garden was built in 2001, with money raised by the League's Business group. Sited in the middle of the hospital in South Block, it is overlooked by the main concourse and link corridor, and viewing balcony from the multi faith sanctuary. Its many features include beautiful pictures and plants that emphasise on the tranquil setting, making it an ideal place to take a seat and gather your thoughts. Access to the garden is on the ground floor adjacent Harold Hopkins urology dept.